Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Early Morning View from My Chair

For those of you who kindly commented on the loss of my son's cowdog, Hud - we thank you. Hud was an amazing pup and he will be greatly missed. Per an earlier arrangement with the Parnells at Hudson Ridge Aussies, ElderSon will today pick up Hud's half brother, Sam.  Though the pups won't be raised together as was originally designed, I'm hoping Sam will be a big help in healing my son's heart. Thank you so much for your caring comments. Hud was featured on  this post, in a set of amazing photographs taken by Craig Kelley of Not So Serious Productions.

I think I’ll show you part of my everyday routine.
Fade to an early morning moment at Casa de Crazy...
Ever watchful, Zack The Wonder Dog.
The Wonderdogs.  After their early morning perimeter check of the yard, having successfully vanquished all the pesky squirrels, and people walking their golden retrievers down our alley.
No squirrel will sneak upon Zanna the Wonderdog.  Isn't gonna happen.
They rest.  Always watchful, yet, they rest.
Have a beautiful morning!


  1. I must have been reading without my glasses, and I totally missed the small print with the news of Hud's death. I am SO sorry about this! Losing such a special dog is tragic enough, but trying to help your son through the loss while you are hurting is doubly sad. Your new pup cannot replace Hud, but Sam will make a special place of his own in your son's (and your) hearts.

    I'm sending both of you a virtual hug this morning.

  2. I just told Joe: "I'm learning how to love like a dog loves...fully and unconditionally."

    Of course, this love only applies TO my dog, but dogs teach those who are open to learning and the hole they leave is wide and deep.

  3. The start of the week is always crazy with me with work, etc., and I'm so sorry to read today about the loss of Hud. I know all too well how hard it is to lose a 4 legged family member, and hope that comfort and peace is being found in the memories of a good life.

  4. oh, i'm glad your son will be able to get another good dog (hopefully). i think it will help him, even though i know this is terribly hard!

  5. Your own critters are beauties. I ache for you and your son's loss. I'm sure Hud's brother will be well loved in no time.

  6. I do hope ElderSon and Sam make a good team!
    Such a relaxing start on the day you have, with the dogs. They appear to be an effective security team. I don't think I'd come around unannounced.

  7. So sorry for the loss of a wonderful companion.


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