Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Last Friday found me at the Bustin’ Clay for United Way, which benefits United Way of Midland, Texas.
I worked alongside a team of great people most of Thursday, and from daylight to dusk Friday, to host  a fun, productive shoot.  We raised close to $200K, which is our biggest take yet.  It was so much fun seeing everyone.  Our town is one of those that makes raising money fun.  We give away lots of good stuff.  
And sometimes, ya know, it’s just your day to win.  And win, I did.
A Sig Sauer 1911 .45 caliber pistol.

Now, I’ve just got to learn how to shoot it!!

I won another gun, as well, but donated it back, and it ended up going to a young man that had just returned from serving our country in Afghanistan.  Before the gun drawing, we had asked him to stand up and be recognized, and he received a standing ovation.  Beautiful.

Of everyone that was there, our young veteran deserved to win.  I'm glad he did.

Let's go shoot some targets, compadre!  I gotta figure this gun out!

It's never boring around here!!


  1. A 1911 .45 - Because when you pull a trigger, you mean it.

    Look at that ca$h for the United Way. Way to go, you!

  2. Very cool!!! What a great cause, and a fun way to raise money.

  3. Wow nice win! That is so great the service person won the gun you donated back! It is also nice you all gave him a standing ovation! Our service men and women so deserve it!

  4. Wow.. now this is a cultural divide. I can't imagine even considering owning a gun, much less wining one. That's a foreign concept to this Cannuck. Congrats on the win, though.

  5. you are awesome! you deserved to win a new handgun after giving back the other one! kharma is great!!!

  6. I was reading your post and doing fine - until I saw the Sig-Sauer. My mouth fell open. My tongue fell out. I'm having heart palpitations and I don't think I like you very much.... a Sig-Sauer is MY dream, so why the hell did YOU get it!!

    Make me a deal I can't refuse. You have my email addy.

  7. Wow ... gosh over here you win a bottle of wine at best! :o)

  8. That's a huge amount of $$$$$ to raise kudos.
    As far as a Sig is concerned just point and squeeze..
    good luck

  9. That is an AWESOME win!
    Have fun!

  10. A most peculiar win, from a Canadian perspective. Up here, handguns are tightly controlled by the government, as a matter of public safety.
    I'm sure you'll have a bang-up time with your new toy.

  11. What a fun prize.I love to target shoot with pistols, I think you will like the challenge.


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