Monday, June 9, 2014

Weeeeener Weeeeener!

Friday found me in Houston at the SPE Sporting Clays shoot.

It was hot.

It was muggy.

I was in hormonal woman meltdown mode.

Until this girl, my friend Jenaya, won this...

Yup.  AND a $500 gift card.  She had a very, very, very good day!

And, I had a good day, as well.  I shot an 81/100.  Not bad for picking up my shotgun for the first time in almost a year.  While melting.

I was happy.

To top it all off, my coworker Chesney ordered us these cute pink shooting shirts - we were the only all-woman team at the shoot.  Jenaya, Chesney, Joy and Janie! We had a great time!

Bring it, shooting season!  We got this!

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