Thursday, September 22, 2011

Creativity For Hire

We have a referral bonus drive going on at work.

For example, if I refer a person, and they make it through the gauntlet and actually get hired, I get a bonus.
So I did.
Refer a person.
And they got hired.
I’ve received notification, however, that I’m not going to get the bonus.  Because the person that we hired forgot to put my name in the online application form.
I appealed their decision.  Utilizing the logic that (1) the online app is hard and (2) not everyone is going to be able to 1-2-3 navigate that thing as easily as they suppose.
And then, like a good neighbor, I substantiated my claim via PrintScreen.
You see, the person had contacted me after hours, and I didn’t have my computer on me to walk them through “the process.”  
So, I did it via my iPhone, on Facebook Chat.  1-2-3, every step. Included the job website. Told the person exactly what to do.
Oh, yes, I did.
And I had every one of the messages in my FB archive, thankfully, though through zero prior planning on my part.  (Thank you, Facebook!)  And I also happen to have the Print Screen function on my work computer (Thank you, Dell).  And I also happen to know how to copy, paste into an email.  (Thank you, me.)
I ran into the head HR person, in from Houston, yesterday.  She looked at me, and grinned and we laughed about it.  It was the first FB referral she’d seen. 
I said, “Awww, c’mon. You don’t expect someone like me to follow the rules verbatim, do you?  Little Miss Think Outside the Box?”
She told me she was going to have to take it to a higher power.
I thought, “I already did.  God gave me the wisdom to do the Print Screen.  And, send the text to y'all.”
But, I just smiled.
Because, you’s never boring around here.


  1. Very clever on your part but wouldn't the new employee's word that you recommended them be enough for .. just about anyone? That's quite a slap in the face from a company who is trying to inspire referrals. If they turn you down, they ought to be fearful of your technical sleuthing abilities. ;)

  2. At her pay scale, how much time does she need to spend talking to someone of a higher pay scale to cost the company more than if they just paid you the stinking bonus?!?

  3. This is the victory of company process over common sense. The sign of how messed up American business is today.
    Hope you get your money, Janie.

  4. oh, they better honor that bonus for you!!!!

  5. Cute post!! Good luck with a positive outcome. :-))

  6. I hope they realize they have more in you than they realize or pay for. You are worth more.

  7. All that intelligence you have, wasted on getting that job for someone who probably doesn't come near having YOUR intelligence. I hope the bonus is worth the stress.

  8. Of course, now you have shown them your creative brilliance you should be on the board by the end of the month - right? ;)


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