Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, Finally! It's MY Day! Mine! All Mine!!

Today, on a Saturday that’s supposed to be mine, all mine, I went and worked out.  (Enter the pre-whine, you know, the one where I’m already starting to get sore, V’Lesha kicked my butt, etc.)
I went to get ThatManILove so we could deliver the jeep to get new tires at Discount Tire.    He went to the tire store, and I was to meet him there with Starbucks.  I drove to our local Starbucks, and it was so crowded the butt end of my Sequoia was sticking out into one of the busiest streets in Midland.  And then three! (3)...yeah,  one-two-three... different cars tried to hit me once I made it into the relative safety of the parking lot. 
I felt more safe when the butt end of my car was sticking out into the busy street.
I decided to abandon ship and get the heck out of there - obviously those people needed caffiene way more than I.
I had a brain wave, went to Barnes and Nobles, and was in and out of there with our drinks in less than 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, did I tell you Discount Tire was closed...for a party?  Don’t they know that I need tires?  And right now?  For a jeep that’s going to sit in the driveway for another week?  Abandon that plan, regroup for Monday.
Okay, if this is how this Saturday’s going to go, I believe I'm going to need a redo.
We load up in one vehicle.  Go to the post office, where we have to annually re-certify our identities to keep our post office box.  And there, we mail a package of goodies to the beautiful god-daughter.  When I get back into my truck, I realize I left out the coolest pair of tennis shoes!!

Off to Petsmart, for more doggy stuff.  And then to Sam’s Club, to stock up on drinks and Clif Bars for a customer’s fitness walk coming up next weekend. I really start to feel the soreness kick in while I’m walking the aisles of Sam’s Club. I saw a recliner in an aisle and wanted to collapse in it.  But I kept on keeping on.  I never thought we were going to get this stuff loaded.  I hope the customers will help me unload it, come Monday.  Full count:  300 Gatorades and waters, 240 Clif Bars.  I feel healthy - hope they do!

And then we stopped for lunch…at an establishment where the television was showing the 9-11 unveiling of the Memorial Wall for Flight 93.  It was beautiful.  And I cried.  Couldn't finish lunch, thinking of how brave those souls were.
Okay.  So now, back to MY weekend.  Just MINE.  You know, the one where I now nap, relax, take a jacuzzi bath, drink a glass of ThatManILove's best wine turn to the computer to input data for OUR taxes. 
That would be me.

Wait.  Is that the doorbell ringing? Grrrrrrr.

…to be continued.


  1. ha ha! as always, a roller coaster ride here...

  2. What a momentus start to your Saturday!
    Well, ah, perhaps momentus is a bit much. Is horrid a little closer to reality? Fancy that: not wanting to sell you discount tires at Discount Tires. Wonders never cease.
    I hope part 2 of this saga will be better. I have a feeling, however. . . .

  3. Weekend interruptus, I call it. Can't ever seem to get done the fun things because there are too many tedious things.

  4. My Saturday was spent running a duck game at a carnival to raise money for my stepdaughters animal rescue group. Forgot my cap and have a sun-burned head and ears. But it was fun.

  5. sounds like a hectic Saturday! I bet the dog loved you for it though! lol! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Big 3 Tires ... great guys and they won't put the wrong tires on your Crossfire

  7. Sounds like it turned into a tough day Jane - Dave

  8. I have days or weeks like this all the time!! I do hope this week is going as planned!! :-)


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