Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny For Monday

We did it.  

We had our precious Zanna spayed last week.  It’s the right thing to do - we can’t handle a dog pregnancy and puppies, with our schedule, and almost every day there is a hunting dog abandoned at the local pet shelter.  We just didn’t want to contribute in any way.

ThatManILove says this is Zanna's sexy look.
We opted for the laser technique, which is supposed to be less painful in every way.  Zanna seems to be doing well, a little shaky about jumping down from the bed, so we’re still giving her an assist when she gives us that “I’m helpless” look.  We hate to see our girl in pain, but know it will pass and she’ll be back to herself soon.
I asked ThatManILove what it cost, and he said somewhere around a couple hundred.
I said, “Dang.  We paid more than that for doggy diapers.”  Which led me to remember this story, from last year.  I repost it, again, for my faithful followers, who might need a laugh on this Monday.
From months ago...aka "the last time THAT happened."  Argggggh!
Sunnnnyyyyyy beeeeeeaaaaaches.
Guess I’ll expound on the never boring adventures of the WonderDogs. 
This morning, I’m getting ready, out of the shower, about to dry my hair.  It’s about 6:20 a.m. The dogs ask to go out.   As is our norm, I go out to the “almost oasis” of a back yard.  (I love it in the morning!)  I sit down on the porch, grab a water bottle, settle down to enjoy the beautiful morning, and let them do their business.
I’m soon to discover that it’s not to be that kind of morning.  Zanna’s in the last stages of her heat cycle.  ThatManILove and I have been in some serious discussions this week as to whether or not to breed Zanna, or to get her fixed. Let me take one second to note that TMIL has NOT been in town except on weekends during the last three weeks.   I’ve been dealing with this heat cycle, the diapers, the panties, all that drill.  It’s making me crazy.  ThatManILove doesn’t want her stout championed bloodline to end; I, on the other hand, could care less about menstrual cycles any more, much less my Zanna’s.   

Whatever romantic vision I had about being an awesome breeder of champion German Shorthairs has this very week faded away in a fluff of shredded cotton and denim.  Zanna’s gone through more panty liners, doggie diapers, and puppy panties in three weeks than any woman I’ve ever known (however, that may be because most women I know don’t eat their sanitary products).  I’m ready to put this madness to an end.  Zack’s interest in her is at…well, let’s just say he’s peaked this morning.  I’m not worried, though, because 3 years ago, we made him a sports model.  Yup, we had him fixed.

I’m relaxing, drinking a glass of water, and all of a sudden, Zack starts acting kind of aggressive towards Zanna.  And she’s, ummm….letting him.  The little wench is even coming on to him.  She’s flirting.  And before I can say “You don’t have the stuff anymore, cowboy, don’t even think about it!” , Zack has mounted Zanna.  Oh, yes, he has. You’ve heard “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?”  Well, he’s mounted,  and he can’t get down.  Or she can’t get loose.  Or something.
I scream at him.  Totally ineffective.
I run get the water hose.  Same result.
I call ThatManILove.  He doesn’t answer his cellphone.
So, I do what most warm-blooded over-intelligent females who are seeking answers to such a dilemma do.  I run to the door, go inside, shut the back door so I don’t have to watch them do the dirty deed anymore, and go ask Mr. Google what the heck to do.
Turns out the first two things, screaming and water, only make situations such as this, worse.  (Don’t say I never taught you anything.)
After I read the article twice, I decide to venture to the back door to peek out and see how things are hanging.  Whew!  They’re apart.  Zanna’s giving me that, “Gee thanks, oh you human protector of all four legged things  – you suck at this” look.  I, in turn, am glaring at Zack, thinking, “You RAPIST!”  I hustle them both into the house and kennel Zanna, pronto.
Then, and only then, does ThatManILove call.
“Hey, babe, did you need something?”
“Ummm, yeah, well, I did…but it’s all good now.  Zack mounted Zanna.”
“What? He can’t do that.”
“Oh, yes he can, and he did.  I was an eyewitness.  And they got stuck.”
“What?  Are you sure?  I don’t think Zack can do anything.”
“I am not even gonna repeat it. Zanna’s been violated. Maybe even drugged.” 
And then I can hear him.  He’s giggling.  And then he starts laughing.
And that just pisses me off more.
“When did we get Zack fixed?”  Yup.  Still giggling.
And we figure it out. Two years ago.
And you know what he said to me then?
“Don’t worry baby.  Semen doesn’t have that kind of shelf life.”


  1. Even a laser to the "delicate" area reminds my of goldfinger....
    Cheers and kudos on the pup

  2. You guys are too funny. Our local SPCA here in Roanoke holds a cheap-o spay and neuter day to bring more people in to have their pets taken care of so to speak.

  3. What a hoot, the way you tell it!
    It's the living proof that Monday mornings can start well! Well, maybe not for you, but. . . .

  4. oh geez! glad she's fixed now so can enjoy a 'stress-free' life! :)

  5. Funny! I was right with you the whole time - great writing! We have dogs as well and can I ever relate. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. I plan to visit yours often!

  6. You are TOO funny. Poor Zanna. But I'll bet Zack is strutting!


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