Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Investing in the Future

This summer, a college intern named Tunde moved in with us...and quickly crept into our hearts.
Tunde was so grateful for the job we found him...and he worked hard to prove himself, at work, and here at the house.
He wouldn’t let us do anything around the house.  He pitched in, 200%, wherever he  thought he was needed.  He took nothing for granted.
Tunde made a hand at his job, as did the other engineering student that was placed there - the owners and managers can’t say enough about their interns.  It was their first intern program, and these guys did so well that it is the company's intent to formulate an ongoing intern program.
We had so much fun with Tunde.  When he was here (he was always working!), he was asking questions about the job he had done that day,  the industry, and things concerning his chosen line of petroleum engineering.  We nicknamed him "the sponge" because he couldn't soak up enough information about our oilfield and the energy industry. When he left to go back to school, I'm pretty sure ThatManILove and I felt the empty-nest syndrome all over again!
Tunde and one of his classmates, Alex, flew back “home” for the Labor Day weekend.  We ate out, went hunting, grilled, went to the movies, and just chilled.  It was great to see them both again.
Late yesterday afternoon, we surprised Tunde.
ThatManILove called him to the table after supper, and showed him how we password protect our electronics.  And then, he asked Tunde to put in his personal password...in his own brand new Toshiba laptop.  

I thought all of us were going to cry, but in the end, I think it was only me.  Well, it might not have been, but do you think I’d tell on two grown men?


  1. Ahhhhh. I know exactly what you're talking about. Isn't it wonderful HOW MUCH we can fall in love with a total stranger and suddenly he's FAMILY.

  2. this warmed my heart to no end... and his smile in that last photo says it all. wonderful, janie!

  3. wiping tears...beautiful story!

  4. Ahhh what a sweet story. What a great smile. Good on you. :)

  5. That's an amazing story!. Talk about a guy who is motivated! And how quickly he became part of your family. And you were so gracious to him as well.
    This is a great story! You should try to get it published somewhere.

  6. Aw, so sweet, just loved it and the photos. So good of you to welcome Tunde into your home. Look how happy he is! :)

  7. Well, you've got me crying! Wonderful story all the way around. Tunde sounds like quite a gift.

  8. This is a lovely story! What a way to make a difference!

  9. Oh, and just in case I wondered...the mascara I bought isn't water proof. . . thanks for helping me see that clearly Jane! ::))

  10. I love that you took a stranger into your heart and your home. So wonderful.


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