Saturday, September 17, 2011

Makes One Wonder

I’ve not been diligent in writing every day.  
I have, however, been diligent in working on all the events I have coming up soon.  On top of my "real" job.
  1. National Assn. of Drilling Engineers Meeting last Thursday in Bakersfield, CA
  2. The Permian Basin AADE meeting last Tuesday
  3. The West Coast AADE Shoot Friday
  4. United Way Energy Committee training and meeting
  5. My company’s customer appreciation sporting clay tournament next week, including ordering prizes, plaques, and assigning co-workers duties, not to mention sending out almost 1800 invitations, and then, the day after, the shoot for the local high school ROTC
  6. Serving on a committee for the upcoming API Team Roping in October
  7. A completions conference the same week as the shoot
  8. Doing registration at the Southwest Oilmans Tennis Tourney
  9. New Mexico Oil and Gas Conference, in Santa Fe, NM -  including booking and changing hotel rooms, helping plan a golf tourney, a formal dinner, and a formal reception, and all that entails.  This happens the last week in September/first week in October.  I don’t even have a clue what I’m gonna wear yet.
No, I’m not an event planner, that’s all just in a day’s work in the oilpatch.  And I had to skip a customer trip to Vegas because I was overwhelmed with this stuff.
So, when I went to the bathroom at my office Tuesday, and saw this, is it any wonder I started laughing and couldn’t stop? I mean, people, if the Funny Farm would have seen me, they probably would have certified me, put me in a straight jacket, and ferried me off.  An evil, eerie, cackling, bwahahahaha issuing forth, all the way.

And if you're wondering, I have no idea why there is a Sara Lee bag hanging out of the napkin disposal in our corporate bathroom.
And I’m not even going to ask.
It’s never boring around here.  And I can't make this sh** up. No way, no how.


  1. You're right. You can't make it up.
    But you are one BUSY lady!
    Hope you retain at least some of your sanity. Otherwise the chaps in the white coats will be coming to take you away, ho, ho, he, he, ha, ha.

  2. I was exhausted at no.3! Gosh you're one busy lady, obviously a good laugh is what keeps you going :o)

  3. This post makes me feel really normal ... thank you. Not only do we both have To Do lists that would bring lesser humans to their knees, we both take photos of funny things in the ladies room stall. You just never know when you'll need your digital camera, so it's important to have it on your person at all times. :)


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