Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things…in The P.A.

We have just returned from one of the prettiest places, in my opinion, in the Continental U.S.

Yup, Pennsylvania.  “The P.A.”, as I call it.  Like as in the letters, pronounced individually.

It does warrant a nickname of its own.  I think it’s beautiful.  Green.  Rife with wildlife, trees, and great people.  I LOVE visiting this state.  I LOVE visiting our friends there, and making new friends there.

The only thing about it I hate?  Having to leave.

How has this state crept so firmly into my heart?

I don’t really know.

It could be random sights like this.
Cornbread.  Covered w/ Berries and IceCream.  Yum.
Or this:

Okay, I love street names like this.  And yeah. We got lost.

Or this.

A beautiful creek, off the Sewicky River.

Or this:
I know there's a turtle in them there hills somewhere.  
Or this - I LOVE this!!

A rooster mailbox.  TOO CUTE!

Or, this, from the restaurant B R G R.

Spiked Handcrafted Shakes.  And…yes.

Or these beautiful, winding roads.

The temperature.

Houses.  With. Finished. Freaking. Basements.  So awesome.

The cool, when it rains, even in hot summer.

Energy.  I love looking at drilling locations/completion locations/producing locations, sandwiched into fields of corn. Wheat. Pumpkins.  

Or next to an old, delapidated barn. With that cool red vine growing up itand over it.

I see something new every time I go to The PA.  I learn something new every time I go to The PA.  And I come away with a new love for this part of our wonderful country…Every. Single. Time.

Go!  Explore!  Love!  You’ll be glad you did.  


  1. oh, you're making me homesick for up north. :) i wish we had basements here.

  2. Oh, The P.A. is lovely. Also, I want to drive there just for the delicious looking strawberry shortcake and milkshakes. Salted caramel? YUM.

    1. It is gorgeous. And that shortcake was actually cornbread. Crazy, huh?

  3. Well, that was exciting. Hope that either your PA experience stays with you for a long time, or that you get to return frequently.

    Seems almost as exciting as Canada.

    1. I go there at least annually….I love it.

      And Canada - sometime soon!

  4. Ahem. Did you come to The PA and NOT CALL ME?

    I am SO going to kick your ask.


  5. I've only driven through PA on my way to elsewhere but what I saw sure looked lovely. Even lovelier are your fine photos of treasures found.. especially those spiked shakes.. now that's genius!


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