Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wax On….Wax Off

As I promised, the Brooke and Cash Chronicles will continue.

But now, I pause for a commercial break.

Do you utilize personal waxing services?  ThatManILove and I do.  Our current flavor of choice is European Wax.  They are super clean, never use a stick twice, never double dip the wax.

AND...No matter, ummm, what area you’re waxing, their wax is specially formulated for a more pain-free experience.  But the whole experience of waxing does freak some people out. 

The last time I visited my technician at European Wax,  I walked in the front door just in time to hear a lady scream out in pain.  Loudly.  I started laughing.The newbies awaiting their appointments were halfway out the door in a New York Minute. 

Today, here’s how the scenario went down.

The professional is waxing my eyebrows, and I said, “Any screamers today?”  

She starts giggling.

Evidently, a client was in with her waxer, experienced some pain, and screamed loud enough for it to be heard throughout the treatment rooms: “Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints!”

I nearly fell off the table laughing.  

So, if you see me, and I’m missing part of my eyebrow, you can attribute it to spontaneous hilarity.


  1. Love European wax it's Amazballs!!!

  2. Wax is something some men put on cars. European wax for European cars? Shouldn't be too painful.

    Or is Bear missing something here?

    1. Ummmm….yes. Yes, Bear, you are. xoxoxoxo

  3. OUCH! But I have to admit, I prefer full foliage.

    1. Bwahahaha! That's funny! On eyebrows and lips, I'm assuming? Right.

  4. I had neglected to take into account the fact my skin isn't as 'attached' to my old body as it used to be. I do believe I saw a streamer attached to the wax when it was pulled off. It was SKIN. I might have been that screamer.

  5. Can't wait to share this with the production hands at SM. ;-)


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