Sunday, August 19, 2012

Transformation - You Can Help

My friend, Clara, has a program in the slums of Kisumu, Kenya, called The Transformation Initiative.

She provides community based support for vulnerable children and families living in Kenya.  Many of the children she helps are HIV positive, and have lost one or both parents to AIDS. 

Clara lives there most of the year, and works personally with the children, gets these kiddos in school, and provides them an education, so they can hopefully break the cycle of slum life, poverty, glue addiction, etc.  When the children have the opportunity to go to school, it gives them a better chance at getting jobs in the future.  Support provides uniforms, shoes, school lunches, text books, and school fees for the kids.

Over time, ThatManILove and I have grown our sponsorship levels to three children.

Our first sponsored child, however, is Abraham.  He’s a cutie.  And I’m thinking Clara matches her sponsors and children together well.  This story so sounds like an angle  I would have tried to work in my youth, in order to get a day off!

Here’s a recent email from Clara:

“So... one of your  boys made me laugh today.

All the kids are in private tutoring in my office for the next three weeks.  Working on English and Swahili.  

Abraham asked if they could have Monday off since it's a Muslim holiday.  I asked Salim what he thought....He asked if Abraham was a Muslim.

The answer is no.  

So.... class in on for Monday.

That kid cracks me up.”

ThatManILove and I can’t wait to meet Abraham and our other kids in person - hopefully, in 2013!

I’ll be posting some facts on some of the other children needing sponsorship over the next couple of postings.  It’s $40 a month, all of the money goes to the kids.  

If you'd like to donate, in any amount, you can do so, as well.  For more information, write my friend Clara.

Check it out - it's a great causeand you could be, honestly, saving the life of a child.


  1. Sounds like kids are the same no matter where in the world they are.


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