Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Mighty Drlg Czar

We utilize an online service to sign up for various industry events.  I administrate two of these sites.

I received an email late last night about one of our attendees that was having trouble signing up for a symposium.

Pete:  I tried all emails, first name and phone numbers.  Nothing works to reup.  Now what?

Janie:  Looks like you're already in the database.  I just enrolled you.   You should have an email.  Now you can go in and sign up for the conference.   If you have any problems, “drlg czar”, just give me a call.  lol

Pete: Thanks. You caught that title. Haha.
Sent from Tee Box (He must be night golfing. Right.)

Janie:  Yeah.  I almost changed it to "in my own mind" but thats what would print out on your name tag.  I know you would have laughed tho…

Now you see why I love this industry. 

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