Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Brooke and Cash Chronicles Part 1

This past week found us smack-dab in the middle of the lives of Brooke and Cash, whose 60 year old grandfather Sam passed away, way before his time, last Tuesday.
My cohort in crime, Cash.
ThatManILove and I consider this family our extended family, from the kiddos all the way to the grandparents, so of course, we stepped in to help in any way we could.  We thought, “Oh, we’ll just do whatever is needed...we’ll help them pick up the slack.”

We’ve had some funny moments in a not-so-funny time...which, in retrospect, probably helped us, as well as the family, get through everything.

After leaving the grandparents house late Tuesday night, we show up at Brooke & Cash’ house Wednesday morning, both in our Sequoias, around 6:30 a.m.  ThatManILove goes immediately to the sheep pen, and starts feeding and exercising the show lambs.  I follow TMIL, driving up with breakfast for the family.  TMIL, for some reason, leaves his Sequoia running.  (this will be important later.)

Meanwhile, the neighbor gets nosy, and comes over to see “just who that is mucking around the property” and confronts TMIL.  He tells her that we’re there to help, and that the parental units know we’re there. (I don’t find this out until later.)  The kids’ father comes out to the barn and starts working.

As I’m taking over Mommy duties, I go wake the kiddos up, and feed them breakfast.  I have to leave to take Brooke to school about 8 a.m.  

About 7:50 a.m., I spy Brooke’s lunchbox...and realize it might need to be filled...before we leave.  I go ask Brooke about it, and she tells me what to pack.  Thanks, Brooke’s Mom, for planning ahead and having a cabinet/refrigerator full of food!  You saved me!  Whew!!

Brooke and I get her to school on time, and I come back out to the house.  Cash and I start cleaning up a bit.  Their dad comes in from the sheep pens, and gets ready for work (he has a practice to run) and TMIL comes in and starts helping Cash and I.  The neighbor returns, and starts helping as well.  She makes some remark about TMIL’s car is “still running”.  I don’t even put two and two together. (Keep this in the back of your head.)

We grab some laundry to take it to our house, along with Cash.  We get out to my car, and realize we have no booster seat (he’s 5).  I’ve got to take him to get a dress shirt for the funeral, so we head to the mall.  

Cash:  “Janie, I don’t feel comfortable without my booster seat.”
Janie:  “I know, buddy.  Your mom and dad are in the next town, so I can’t bother them right now.  Make you a deal.  As soon as we get your dress shirt, we’ll go buy you one.  ToysRUs is in the next parking lot, and that’s where we can buy it.”
Cash:   "Well, okay.  But I'm supposed to be in a booster."

We go to store 1 - no dress shirts.  Store 2 has a multitude, but none in his size  (5) in the desired color...so I, to his utter dismay, grab a pink one for him to try on. He’s just not having it.

Cash:  “Janie, I don’t like pink shirts.”
Janie:  “Cash, I just grabbed it so I could see what size you’ll wear, okay?”
Cash:  “Okay...but I’m serious.”
Janie:  (Please, God, let them have a blue one in his size.) “I got ya, Cashman. No pink.”  He won’t even try it on.

This kid cracks me up.  We find a blue one in the right size (6 - yup, he’s grown...or , looking at him now, maybe the shirt I grabbed for him this morning was a wee bit smaller than I initially thought!)  We’re checking out, and of course, there’s a huge gum ball machine at the register.  So, I have to break a one for quarters.  Cash-man promises not to eat them until after we go eat lunch.  And, he doesn’t!

We go to the car, he hops in the backseat, and I buckle him in.

Cash:  “Janie, can we go get my booster seat now?”
Janie:  “Yes, sir, we’re on the way.”
Cash:  “Do we have to go out on the street?”
Janie:  “Yes, we have to cross that street right there, and go into the next parking lot.”
Cash:  “But you’ll be careful, right?  Because I need my booster seat.  I’ll feel better.”
Janie:  “I’ll drive carefully, I promise.  You’re precious cargo.”

I say a little prayer for safety, we make it to ToysRUs, and Cash picks out his booster seat for our car.  And then, he asks if he can get a toy.

We’re on a time schedule.  I tell him if we get all our chores done, ThatManILove or I will bring him back, and he can shop.

Cash: “Well, because it’s been a pretty hard day, and I worked... a lot.”
Janie:  “Yes, it has been, and yes, you’ve worked your little patooty off.  You so deserve a toy.”
Cash:  “When your conference call is over, will you bring me back?”
Janie:  “I will.  I promise.  How’s that booster seat?”
Cash:  “It’s good.  I feel better now.  Are we gonna go meet TMIL for that hot dog? Coz I’m hungry.”
Janie:  “Yes, sir.  We are on the way.”
Cash:  “Okay.  I just want cheese on my hotdog.  And a Pepsi.  And BarBQ Chips.  Okay, Janie?”

God, I love these two kids.  Soooo thankful we’re part of their lives.

They crack me up…messing with my photo moments!
To be continued...


  1. You've demonstrated again that your are one awesome lady!

    TMIL isn't too bad either, but he needs to remember to turn off the Sequoia. You may being the oil and gas fields, but waste is waste.

  2. The leaving the vehicle running from TMIL comes from him working in the field in extreme weather conditions, and having to keep all his electronics charged 24/7 in remote locations. It doesn't happen often, I promise.

  3. And the car is still running...

  4. Oh my, he's a little doll. Kids keep us so centered in times of crisis. Don't tell him but he'd look adorable in pink. ;)

  5. I don't have your patience, so thank god it was you and not me. "Booster seat? Shut up and just sit on your pink shirt!" yep.

    1. Patience? I need none with these two. They are an absolute joy.


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