Saturday, March 30, 2013

And Everything Be Fine

You know, when your name is posted on a national website, you get all sorts of emails.  Recruiters.  Job Fairs.  Those selling the latest lug nut.  Everything you might imagine.

This one is probably real, but reading it threw me into a giggly mess.


Dear ThatJanieGirl ,
Good day and everything be fine.
Nice to inform you that we will attend  Canton Fair 2013. We will give a warm welcome for your coming. Hope to meet you.The detailed information as follow:
Canton Fair 2013
Date: April 15th-19th
Location: Guangzhou. China
Booth No:  16.3F42-G01
I hope the above be useful to you. By the way, here we would like to mention, when you come to visit us, maybe we can’t know you at once. Pls don’t mind and leave us a name card.Thank you in advance.
Hope to meet you on the fair and discuss face to face. Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,


I was doing fine until I read the "maybe we can't know you at once."

I know.  It doesn't take much to make me laugh.


  1. This made me snort! Happy Resurrection Day!

  2. While I detest the recent barrage of anonymous comments, I keep the best in my comment section just to have fun with it.

    I wonder WHY we receive these, since they don't serve any purpose.

    You're not going to China?

  3. Dem Chinee keep trying they will know us once as slave.


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