Friday, March 29, 2013

Bussssssstttted by the Barista

The other night, we ran through the Starbucks en route to Fort Worth.

ThatManILove pulled up to the speaker to order, and the barista begins to speak.

“Welcome to Starbucks! Would you like a vanilla spice latte? Or could I interest you in a caramel macchiato or a some madeline cookies?”

I might not have her spiel right, because I was laughing so hard at TMIL I couldn’t hear her.

You see, the entire time she was giving her little Welcome to Starbucks speech, he was wagging his head and mocking her. And it cracked me up.

And then, she said, “Don’t be wagging that head at me and making fun of know I can see every move you make!” And then, she cracked up. We could hear all the baristas laughing in the store.

I wish I’d had a camera.

I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. ThatManILove got a kick out of it, too!


  1. Funny!!!

    I found out about drive-thru cameras at McDonald's one day. It was one of the ones that has two ordering stations, and I asked the employee at the window how she kept it all straight. She told me about the camera. Now, if I'm at a drive-thru, I try to smile and look friendly ... instead of doing something embarrassing.

  2. I'll look for it on YouTube. You know someone will post it.

  3. Well, just what did he order? (no embarrassment there?)


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