Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talkie the Facebook Smack...

Yesterday seemed like I went from one meeting to another.  I finally finished around 6 p.m.

While I was in the hall at a customer’s office late yesterday, I saw a young friend, and then another.  I think the world of these two.  And I had done lunch with another of their friends the day before.

So, I posted on Facebook last night:

Me:  Good to see you today, Jeremy.
Jeremy:  You, too!

McKensy?  Likes the post.

Me:  And, of course, you, too, McKensy.
Kelly (my lunch date earlier in the week): Jeremy, get your own friends!
Jeremy:  Shush. I knew her first.
Kelly:  She likes me more!

And here’s where it digressed.

Jeremy:  She said you smell like ricotta cheese.

I decide to weigh in.

Me:  Ahem.  I’m watching this conversation.  It’s good to stay in the truth.

Jeremy:  Ok.  Ok.  She said you smell like daisies and lavender and Satan.

They crack me up.


  1. If they smell at all, you should start hanging with me. I only smell like Bengay.


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