Friday, March 1, 2013

Laundry Dancin'...

We arrived at the hotel yesterday.  ThatManILove had some things to work on, so I went to the hotel laundry.  To do laundry.  For ThatManILove.

People, it is HOT in the hotel laundry.  It’s tucked into a little cranny on the 4th floor.

I had my iPhone.  I had my iPad.  I had my Spark.  

And I had laundry.

So, I got busy.  I put the laundry in the washer, then transferred it to the dryer upon completion.  I didn’t want to hold anyone up.

People were coming in and out of the laundry, getting their stuff done.

Finally, one guy said, “Are you just going to sit here and wait on your laundry?”

I looked at him, and nodded yes.  I guess that’s not the norm in a hotel laundry. He looked at me like I was an idiot.

He would have really looked at me funny had he caught me dancing and singing about 15 minutes later.

Oh, heck.

I just thought about something.

Do hotel laundries have security cameras?

I’ll probably turn up on youtube.  Under the title, "Fat Over The Hill Lady Dances (she thinks) to Eagles "Get Over It" in Doubletree Laundry…FAIL."

Or, I could look like this girlI freakin' wish.


  1. I would enjoy watching you dance, since I'm sure a lot of people pass their time picking their noses or crotch. I'll take watching you dance over that, any day. And what was he? The laundry chair police?

  2. You know now we are expecting you to post a video.

    Hotel laundries? You have to stay there so your stuff doesn't get stolen. You should have taken that guy's stuff just to show him. (or put something in, maybe start carrying around some red thongs you can drop in random strangers driers, for discovery later)

  3. Now that sounds like fun! And something I'd probably do, too, if I were stuck in a hotel laundry...

  4. At least you were dancing. That's life! Let the nosy man hang in his room. You were moving and grooving.


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