Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What The !@#$%^&*?


We walked, with purpose, out to my truck, in the hotel parking lot, in Dallas, yesterday.  That many commas in a sentence may cover up the fact that I'm hesitant to say something.

The sky was blue.

The sun was blazing.

On my beautiful black truck.

And then, I saw…a flash. 

"Oh, just another beautiful gleam of sunshine beaming down on La Trucka," I thought.

Not so.


That is one heck of a ding.  I think, and realize guesses don't really count, that someone had something in the back of their pickup that shifted.  Shifted right into my truck and gouged the heck out of the paint job, and the metal.

Oh, insurance man, honey, Darlin'????  La Trucka's got an owie!!"

It's never boring around here.


  1. At least it just hit the metal, a few inches higher and your window would have taken it.

    Sorry, but what's a truck without a few dings and some rust?

  2. And you didn't empty your weapon into the fleeing truck? Slacker!

  3. Great! A truck needs dings and rust spots to look like it works. You were lucky, a few inches higher and it would have been the window.

  4. Well, you just stepped on my sore toe! I INSIST that when we MUST stay at a motel, that Stud park in the end spot. HE, on the other hand, pulls in a line of empty spaces, where weary travelers are going to be pulling alongside, as close as possible. Then all 40 kids will unload, luggage will be placed on our hood, and 400 pound grandma will throw the door open wide.

    Yep. Park on the END, as close to the curb as you can.


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