Friday, March 8, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Welcome to Random 5 Friday --

where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your week,   your pets, your kids, whatever!

Here are mine:

  1.  I am doubly blessed with cowlicks in my hair.  One front, one aft.  And when I say blessed, I mean it facetiously.  
  1. I hate politics.  I hate personal politics more. Work politics? Where’s my shotgun?
  1. I love pearls.  My current pearl favorite are the Honora freshwater pearls. Love, love.
  1. In the past 30 days, it’s a toss-up which of us have spent more time boarded away from the house - myself, or my dogs.
  1. If you asked me to pick my top 50 songs, I could do it.  Quickly.  I love music.

My friend Nancy at A Rural Journal inspired me to do this post.

Go visit her.  Her pictures of ranch life are no less than amazing.

And should you wonder, when you get over there, that's a pheasant in that tree.

Zack and Zanna were very very interested  and told me they want to go visit Nancy.  Right now.


  1. I'm with your about office politics...but the cowlicks, oh goodness, I thought I was the only one with two, and two very defiant ones I my add...

  2. Too cute! Love your five facts. I have cowlicks too, plus a widow's peak. Not attractive and I've spent my entire life trying various comb-overs.

  3. I can see you in pearls out on the shooting range

  4. Hate Politics as well.. But I always get sucked in. WHY WHY WHY....

  5. I have you beat, I have a trio of cowlicks. Two in front and one in back at the crown. I will be back to visit, I like your sense of funny. Visiting from Random 5 Friday!

  6. love pearls too and love to where them.. most of mine are hand me downs from family and friends but they sure do look good on a girl... thanks for the fun jolynn


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