Monday, March 25, 2013

Crushing Your Head - Easter Style

The other day, I jumped on to Pinterest to see what was kicking…and saw this Peep Picture.

Peep smores.  Yum.  Inspiring, right?

Most people would have gone straight to the store,  purchased Peeps, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate.

Not I.  No, not I.

My twisted, sick brain?  Goes straight to "Kids In The Hall", the comedy show.

Kids in the Hall - "I Crush Your Head!"

Nobody said I was perfect.


  1. I'm crushing your head. I can hear it right now!

  2. So glad you went there. Hysterical! Kids in the Hall "I Crush Your head" beats peep s'mores any day. (Of course I do have to say... Peeps - not in my heaven. But laughter -and Chris Hardwick_ certainly are!)

  3. There is a blog called PINTROSITIES that show how those beautiful creations come out in reality. It was just what my self-confidence needed to realize I CAN'T DO IT LIKE THEY DO and neither can most people.

    Head crushers unit against PINTEREST. It's the Martha Stewart of the internet.

    1. Girl, you always make me laugh! love ya!

  4. I just looked at those poor peeps, squashed there. Ouch.

  5. Peep smores? What are they? They sound either very very painful and very very sweet.
    Thanks for visiting, Janie girl. Will I understand what you are talking about if I come here more often?


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