Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Watchdogs...and Flooding in Louisiana

It's a cool Sunday, for once, this summer.

I'm supposed to be working a vendor event, but I wasn't feeling up to par, so I went and broke down my table this morning and came home.

So, I'm sitting on the back porch, oiled up and recuperating.

The Wonderdogs are watching over me, as I'm being buzzed by hummingbirds.

I might not feel 100%, but can I tell you how happy I am, seeing hummers in my yard?  If I felt like it, I would be jumping for joy.  But that would probably scare the little wondrous birdies off.  They're so cute! I love watching them.  I bet I've seen no less than 20 in an hour.

Anyway, you didn't think you were gonna get out of this post without seeing, at the very least, pictures of my guard dogs, did you?

Here they are...

And if you think about it, please pray safety, provision, peace and miracles for my fellow Young Living friends and their neighbors in Louisiana, who are at this moment experiencing heavy flooding and some are evacuating their homes.  Super tough stuff.

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  1. So glad to see that you finally posted something!! I occasionally jettison blogs who seem to have stopped updating, and I'm SO glad I am a procrastinator. Due to extreme pain for the last six months, MY guard dog stares at me CONSTANTLY with worried eyebrows. Aren't they precious.


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