Friday, August 19, 2016

The Art of Listening

How well do you listen?  I’m asking myself that question, not necessarily you.  But, hey, if the question fits…


I’m wondering how well I listen.

The other day, I had a call from a professional friend who wanted to “catch up.”

I think he really wanted me to catch up on all that had happened with him.

We met in a restaurant,  greeted each other, and sat down. He asked me one question about my family and me.

And in the middle of my first sentence to answer him (and no, it wasn’t a run-on sentence!), he took off about something that had happened in his family.

And he never shut down.

Never. Until it was time to go to our next appointments.

I was listening to him, nodding my head, and waiting to see if he needed help, advice, or what.



I think he just needed to talk.

So, I let him.


I listened.

I had nothing to say, no advice, but that’s good, because he didn’t ask for any.  I think he just needed to debrief.

I’m good with that.

It’s a hard oilfield we work in.

Lord, help me to be a good listener, and a good friend. Give me ears to hear.


  1. When the phone rings and I see that it's "Ratchet" I moan before I answer because that's going to be my last word except for "uh-huh". I call her Ratchet because she talks so fast there's no reason to keep up. It's a move-by-move re-enactment of her entire day: including times, feelings, people I don't know, etc. Her LAST four words before I fall asleep are always: " are YOU?" I say "fine" even if my leg fell off and the dog ate it.


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