Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Uber Undercover Boss...or the Things We Say

We landed in Scottsdale, got our luggage, and apped up the Uber dude. (Da Ubahhhh Dude)

Who arrived, post haste, in his 4 door sedan.  Which happened to be a Toyota Camry.

It was a decent size car.  I mean, we could fit in it.  All four of us.

Our luggage?  Not so much.

But, off we went to the Scottsdale Resort, trunk open, luggage threatening to hop out.

The driver was a hoot.

We had so much fun with him.  He even stopped and let us get a flat of water.

He kept trying to tell us he was Texan, and trying to mimic our accents.

But I busted him.  I figured out he was from New York.

He loved that we were messing back with him.

Well, until I told him that we were on Undercover Boss…and that I was the owner of Uber.

He just wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth or lying.  He played along, and did it well.

And we all had fun! 

Tip factor?  High.  And he was worth it.

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