Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Uber-ing. That Is A Verb, Right?

Flying the friendly skies this week.  My compadres are in various states of rest…one is sleeping, one is playing Candy Crush.

I decided I would use the time to write a bit.

Because I know that you’ve been waiting for yet another blog post.

I know you lose sleep at night, waiting on me.



Darn.  Okay, let me keep my illusions of grandeur for a minute or two, okay?

Okay, minute’s up, and I’m back to reality.

 We have been Ubering quite a bit lately.

In Spokane a couple of weeks ago, I think we Ubered (is that a verb?) something like 12 times.

And the grand total was STILL cheaper than a rental car for a week.

I really like it, for the most part.  But I really, really like people.  I like finding out what makes them tick.  And why they’re doing Uber.  And if they’re doing Uber for a full-time job.  If they have kids.  I want to know the entire drill.

And it’s so cool to me!

In my albeit limited experience, I have found:

Most Uber drivers with family want to set their own schedules. They want to be able to be with their families from this hour to that hour, every single day.

Most single night time Uber drivers are men.  I believe that’s because it’s safer.  And they might not be too worried.  And before an Uber driver can pick someone up, their credit card has to be on file with the company, etc.

The single lady night time Uber drivers pick their times, and the ones that we have had final their rides prior to 11 p.m.  And I don’t blame them.  Crazy stuff can happen after that hour, and I wouldn’t want to be party to it.

Not at all.

Anyway, hats off to the Uber Drivers we have used thus far. 

Job well done.  Now if we could just tip via the app.

Fred Ex was our Uber Driver today.  Love it.
And give 5 stars, as your app would say.

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  1. They are just getting started here :-) Happy travels


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