Thursday, February 28, 2013

Packing Assistant, Please? Anyone?

This Marriott Renaissance room is a mess.

And it’s a two-room suite!  (Which happens sometimes, thank God, when the hotel screws up your original king regular room reservation at the pre-appointed rate so then when they make amends they give you a two room suite at the same pre-appointed rate, which in my eyes, had to be the divine intervention of Jesus.  Man that was a long run-on-sentence.  But, I digress.  Again.)

This room is a mess.

We’ve been in Oklahoma City for 5 days for this AADE National Tech Conference.  Great conference.  Great people.  Great information.  Great fun/work trip!

As I look around, I realize we never unpacked our suitcases into the drawers.  We grabbed clothes out of the closet and our suitcases.  Meetings here.  Dinners there.  Breakfasts, over there.  People.  Places. Things.

And, now, it’s time to go.

Last night, I started making piles.

A pile of clothes to go to the cleaners in the next town.

A pile of clothes to go into the washer in the next town.

A pile of ThatManILove’s used workout clothes which absolutely positively will not be mixed with the regular clothes.  The guy can exude some sweat when he’s working out, and seriously dresses just for that purpose. Weirdness.

I have some major work to do just to get us packed.

And I’d best get to it.

We have some miles to log before we’re home close to home  okay dang it at our next hotel.

Y’all have a good day.

And I promise, after next Wednesday, I hopefully will be where I can get back to a more regular life for three weeks or so anyway and go visit your blogs and comment.  Thanks for being faithful to come by!!


  1. When we hit a hotel the very first thing my wife does is empty the suitcases into the closet and dresser. She refuses to live out of one, even if we check in late and are only there for one night.

  2. Space bags.

    Invest in travel space bags.

  3. Sounds like a whirlwind of chaotic fun !! The best kind...kinda like NYC heh heh heh Enjoy my friend !!! Cheers from NYC !!


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