Monday, November 25, 2013

Intervention Needed

I should just hire someone.

I hate to pack.

Oh, I can do it.

I can rock it, if the trip is 2 days or less.  I am the Queen of Minimalist.

But...if the trip is more than 2 days?

Indecision city.

Is it going to be hot where I’m going?  Or cold?

Or, God forbid, hot in the days, and wintery at night?  Double wardrobe.

In October, when we head to New Mexico Oil and Gas Association meetings, it’s at Santa Fe.  So, casual and sunny with a crispy hint of fall during the day, and wintery temps at night...when, by the way, you have to dress formally.

Recipe for packing disaster.

Headed to the Northeast in winter?  I want to take every fat heavy sweater I own...mostly because I don’t get a chance to wear them here in the west of Texas, where 75 degrees is the norm.

Then my suitcase gets overcrowded.

I get frustrated.

I threaten to cancel the trip.

Yup, I should just hire someone.

It’s obvious I need intervention.


  1. I totally feel your indecision. I have too many pairs of shoes and winter clothes are just too bulky, making for a packing disaster. I just end up taking 2 full sets of clothes, three if you count evening wear. Then there's the whole shoe wardrobe. Gah. They don't make bags big enough for my ever changing mind! ;-)

  2. Just put a few things in a carry-on. And send a steamer-trunk full of clothes by air-freight. That should give you enough to cover just about any situation. (This, from a Bear who has only one suit — to which he is "very attached".)

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Janie!

  3. I'm trying a "Cyber Monday" challenge for bloggers. Will you take the challenge?

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    I know you post most every day, but just wanted to invite you to the party.


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