Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yup...Another Holiday!

I feel it's my job to let you know when you might have missed another holiday.

I bet you didn't even know about this one.  

I know I didn't.

Yup.  Yesterday was World Potty Day.

For your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd research some toilets of the past and future for you.  Because me and Google Images, yeah, we gots it going on, babe.

Yeah.  You're welcome.

Now this would be cool.  Well, until the fish went bye-bye.

I like this one.  Seriously.

Styling and profiling while you're...yeah.  Nevermind.

I do not even know.

I'm really really scared of this one.  It might be just paper - because it says it will be "found invaluable".  No way in hell.  Not me.  EVAH.

Now this is a different take on things, huh?

Notice you have your reading light, your decorative bowl, your heavy arm rests and a drink holder or ashtray (not sure)
AND you have your decorative toilet brush holder.  Plus, of course, the gravity flush pull chain.

I have nothing to say.  Well, I could.  I still know people that have wooden toilet seats.

You must feel edified.

So, write November 18th down next you can plan ahead for World Potty Day.

What the heck?  Who comes up with this s...tuff?

Don't forget to get plenty of fiber in your diet.


  1. Good grief! This blog has totally gone to pot. Sigh!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. (1) Are you sure it wasn't "pot day"?
    (2) It took me forever to find your comment section
    (3) I had nightmares all night of trying to find a toilet and they were all FILTHY holes in the ground and I was wearing white socks.

  3. I missed it! (Not the potty--I made it in there--the day.) Preparing for next year!

  4. scary stuff! :)

    nice to see you again, janie! hope all is well with you and yours. :) have a wonderful holiday season - including potty day. :)

  5. There should be no open flames anywhere near a toilet I sit upon.


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