Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Thoughts About Early Morning Life at My House

Yeah.  Mornings.  I’m allergic to them.

I want to sleep in.

But...I have dogs.  That wake up around 5:30, wanting to go outside.

So, while I’m up, letting them out, I feed them.  And I go back to bed while they eat.  Just for a minute.

Then, they roll back into the bed, taking up all the space, and absolutely having to be under the covers, where they snore.

People, if I know one thing, I know this:  it is so hard to get up when there are white noise makers (dog snorers) in your bed.

You have never heard anything more peaceful than my dogs snoring.

It’s rhythmic.  It’s sonorous.  It makes your breathing slow down, and your stress dissipate.

I could record and market this stuff, I swear.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Dogs make human lives better in every way imaginable.

  2. Not only that, but they're also warm and comforting... you don't want to leave the nest they've made around you. Yeah, I understand :)

  3. My kingdom for (such) a dog!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Yup, darn hard to get out of bed when you are leaving somebody in it still snoring away.

  5. If I lived alone, my dead body wouldn't be found until buzzards lined up on my roof. Why? Because I'd never get out of my comfy jammies, so I'd never step outside the door. Honestly. Why.

    My BIchon, Lucky, used to put me to sleep just by listening to his little breaths, puffing in and out. Now, my Maltese, Beau, sounds like the three Stooges with snores, snorts, grunts and whimpers. Very unsettling.


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