Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Requiem For A Day Planner - Yet Another Saga In the "It's Never Boring Around Here" Series

Monday was one crazy day.

Meetings. Working on a big bid for a customer.  Scheduling presentations.  Scheduling appointments.  Calling on customers.  Taking and making phone calls.

Speaking of appointments, had a doctor's appointment…two, really.  Made it to one, cancelled one.  Just a normal day, right?

Had an appointment for an office visit, then lunch with the same customer.  My boss met me at the customer's office.  We toured their new offices, then went to a local restaurant.  

I took my handy day planner into the restaurant, in case I needed to capture any action items.

I swear  know am pretty dang sure I remembered picking it up when we left the restaurant, but by the time I got back to my office, it was nowhere to be found.

Slight, though silent, freakout.  I have undone stuff in that day planner, people.  Undone.  Like...items that have yet to be recorded electronically.  Agendas.  Action items.  UNDONE.  Of course, it would help if I didn't leave work on Friday and go straight into helping put on a team roping for most of the weekend, right?  I need another me.  But, I digress.  Again.

I didn't have time to drive all the way back to the restaurant.

About that time, ThatManILove called.  And I had a brain wave.  While he's running around, maybe he can go pickup my day planner at the restaurant!  I asked, he said yes, and I called the restaurant to confirm they had my day planner.

They said they were, in fact, in possession of said day planner, and they would leave it with the bartender.

I called ThatManILove back, and he went straight to the restaurant.

Momentarily, I received this text.  Well, heck.  I'll let you read the entire thing.
(Needless to say, the "Oh goooooodnessssss lol" remark had zero to do with this dilemma.)

And here's what a closeup of said day planner roadkill looks like:

Can you guess what happened?  If only day planners could talk, huh?

Those creases on it?  Aren't shadows as you might presume.  Yeah.  Ouch.

I think I had it in my hand, when we headed to the vehicles.  I think I may have laid it on top of my vehicle while we discussed future plans, and it fell off.

Whereupon, I drove over it with my 4WD Toyota Sequoia.

And most likely, my boss drove over it with his honking monster Ford F250.

The bad news?  I won't have another day planner for probably 3 weeks.

The good news?  Some gentle soul took it back inside.  AND I lost no pertinent information, even the stuff that was TUCKED inside the flap was still there.

Thank God for observant people.  And thank God.

Yup.  It's never boring around here.

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