Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out...Part 1 - The Beauty Blender

I've been trying to get super organized lately.

Now, truthfully, I'm no organizer.

When we went through the Pathways training earlier in the year, my personality profile identified me to be a Commander/Entertainer.

Well, duh.  There I am.

No room for the Organizer.  Well, I'd like to think that, much less use it as an excuse.  But as hectic as our lives are, we have to stay somewhat organized!

As I was going through my vanity dresser, I realized I needed another Beauty Blender.   As much as I travel, I need one for the house, one for the travel suitcase.

And I know you guys that read this blog won't be amazed at this little jewel, but any person who wears makeup of any kind, eye, face, well, you get my drift...just needs one of these.  
I got mine on Amazon, but you can get it at Sephora,  SkinStore, all sorts of places.  Don't settle for the wannabe that looks like this one - it's NOT.

So, you men, you wanna bless that lady in your life?  Get one of these.  Or this cool two pack.  She'll be amazed.

And ladies - best $20-ish bucks you've ever spent. I swear.

You can order the super easy special cleaning fluid, too.  This sponge and that cleaner will last forevahhhhhh.

Okay, commercial over.  Carry on.


  1. My wife recently switched over to those expensive powdered mineral makeups. I watched the videos for it and thought wow, now I don't have to wait forever while she puts on her makeup - just a few taps, swish of the brush and we can get going. But no, for some reason it takes her even longer now. Oh well.

  2. Um, will this work for a Bear?


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