Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jalapeño Poppers Dressed Up and Smokin'

We ordered jalapeño poppers for an appetizer this weekend in Santa Fe.

This is how they were delivered to the table.

Is this not an awesome idea?


They're resting in a horseradish sauce.  

Yum...Santa Fe Style.  A La Coyote Cafe.


  1. Seems like you eat as well as getting to park in places.

  2. Add a cold beer and I will fight you for them.

  3. The saliva in my mouth just increased ten-fold and I have droolage! When you said Jalapeno Poppers, I thought you meant the kind you get in the freezer section!! I had no idea they were supposed to look like that!

  4. I have a pair of shot glasses like that.

  5. I have a pair of shot glasses just like that. I never thought of doing that with them, though.

  6. This would be such an easy thing to do at home too for when friends get together for drinky poos. xox


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