Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Duckies (This might become a recurrent theme.) (Oh, shoot me.)

My last post was about getting all my ducks quacking simultaneously.

Yesterday, I found myself herding my internal ducks.

You know, the ones that look an awful lot like dots and slots on my schedule.

Yesterday morning, at 7 am, I checked in for today’s flight.
I got ready, and went to my chiropractor’s appointment, then to the office.
There, I began preparations for the following events:
Tuesday:  AADE Meeting, Midland (I’ll be in Dallas) (Thank God for my friends who help me when I'm gone)
Tuesday lunch:  Customer technology presentation, Dallas
Tuesday night: ZZ Top Concert - Midland (Hope my flight’s on time)
Wednesday: Regular work/getting ready for AADE Tournament
Wednesday afternoon: Fly to Houston
Thursday:  Fly to Abington, Va. for presentation
Thursday:  AADE Golf Tournament - Midland (Obviously, I won’t be there - again thank God for my friends who are working it)
Thursday night: Fly back to Houston
Thursday night:  Miss the Midland Charlie Daniels Band Concert (for which I had to find people to take my tickets...just today!)
Thursday night:  Miss the YPE Event, which our company is sponsoring.
Friday:  Houston and then sometime, come home

I have all sorts of stuff to do this morning to get ready for next week’s travel.

I really, truly need another me.    But I’ve whined that before, right?  And it got me NOWHERE.  So, I'm gonna take the high road.  

Well, in review (ahem), here are the good things about what I’ve written:
  1. I now have a tentative schedule, typed.
  2. I’ll get to see a bunch of cool people
  3. Frequent flyer miles?  Oh, yes.
  4. Virginia?  I can’t wait to see it!  I’ve heard it’s beautiful.
  5. Glass, half full! 
  6. Ducks, Line Up!  Time to get going! 

It’s never boring around here!


  1. Your ducks aren't in a row, they are in a "flying V" and heading out.

    You know how when you see ducks flying in a V, one side is always longer than the other? You know why that is?

    More ducks on that side. :-)

  2. Well, that just quacked me up, Janie!

    Note to Scope: It's geese that fly in a V.

    I'm glad, in a way, that you cannot clone yourself. I don't know if the world could handle all the awesomeness of two Janies.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  3. I can get my ducks in a row with not problem. But then the duck hunters show up. It's a battle I tell ya.


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