Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hormonal and Hot Natured

Now, if that title didn't scare you away, you're freakin' bulletproof.

I pulled the weather report for this weekend.

Oh, yeah, it's time for our annual jaunt to Santa Fe for the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association boondoggle and conference.  Beautiful town.  Displaced oilfield people.  Reason to go to the mountains for the weekend...and see everyone you see every day in every oilfield town.  But everyone is smiling, taking time to loiter in art galleries, buying cool clothing and presents for home...

And it's fun, too!  Love the smell of pinon burning in the fireplaces.  The food, amazing!

But here, people?  HERE is what makes me so happy. Like, dancing in the street happy!   And I MIGHT get to wear a sweater!  WOOOOOT!

Menopause can go jump off a cliff, eyes wide open.

Don't be hatin'.


  1. I looked at the Doppler Radar this morning and that Canada front is huge! We'll be lucky to get into the 50s this weekend. Hello Autumn! :)


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