Monday, October 7, 2013

Hotel Travel Trip - Valet Parking

I started doing this last year some time.

I travel...a lot.  Frequently, I drive.  And stay in hotels.

I get lots of valet tickets.  Which leads me to the gist of this post.  But I digress.

I get lots of valet tickets.

And...I lose them.

So, I've started taking a picture of the ticket with my phone.

I always know the number.  I can show it at the valet stand when I need to pick up my truck.  It kind of freaks the valet out, they're not quite hip to the electronic versions, but usually you can talk your way through it.

And that, my friends, is your travel trip of the day.


  1. Now that is another great idea that I didn't think of. I am still learing new stuff every day... or, being old and senile, I relearn stuff like it was new. And... oohhh shiny... what?

  2. 39 dollars a day to park? Do you get a drink or a meal with that? Streets paved in gold? Goodness gracious I would buy a bike:)

  3. I often snap pictures of the parking spot where I leave the car, take pictures of my parking meter, etc. I have little short term -> long term memory transfer.


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