Friday, October 11, 2013

You Are Awesome!!

When I came into a relationship with Jesus, I was 38 years old.

When I came to know the Love the Father has for me, I was, simply, renewed.  Refreshed.  Everything, washed clean. 

I had daddy issues, me issues, all sorts of issues.  And Jesus?  Well, over time, He healed me.  And I came to really, really know God as my Father.  And I will never, never be the same.

When ThatManILove met me, he would often say to people, “I’ve never met anyone who so fully walks knowing that she is the Daughter of the King of Kings. Janie knows that she knows that she belongs to the Lord...that He is her Father.”

I did know.  And I do know.  I am a Daughter of The King of Kings.  And I am loved.

I’m SO thankful.

This video?  Reminds me, again, that I am wonderfully made and designed.  And I thank God for this powerful reminder, today.

Share this video today with any female you love.  Remind are loved. 

Credit:  The Anima Series


  1. Blessings you get all the time; Bear hugs, not so often.

    And you are awesome!


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