Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work They Go!

Do you remember your first job?
Do you remember being excited about your first day of work?  I do.
Our resident engineering students, Tunde and Ted, start their first “oilfield” jobs on Monday.  (Yup, Monday.  The oilfield is 24/7, remember?)
And they are both so excited.  The last few days have been filled with drug tests, physicals, touring the yard, coveralls, steel toe boots.  (Have you ever tried to find steel toe boots in size 15?  Fun stuff!)  
Today, we’ll all hit the store to stock them up for lunches - they’ll both be working in the field - one on a frac crew, one on a cementing crew.  Then, midsummer, they’ll switch to the other discipline.
It’s going to be fun watching these two learn - they are like sponges.  I have four more engineering students that are looking for internships, so if you have anything, let me know.
We are blessed.   You will be, too.
Education in progress - it’s something to see.

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