Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Munchkins!

It’s been crazy around here, lately.  We have one engineering intern, Tunde, living with us for the summer, and another, Ted, has been landing here from time to time.  He’ll be here Sunday and stay for a couple of weeks until he can get into the college dorms or I can find him a summer-time home.
People here in Midland are so giving, we’ll have no trouble finding him a home.  We all love helping our young people in this industry!
These guys are so funny and caring, they have already crept into our now, we’ll gain two more munchkins.  I can’t wait to meet their parents - they must be pretty special people to have raised these two young men.
We have another engineer, Naya, that calls us her Midland mom and dad. We’ve known her for a little bit over a year.  We love that girl, she makes us laugh!  She’ll just come over and hang out, no matter what we are doing, she’s a part of it.  At Thanksgiving, her parents came in, and treated us to a “German Thanksgiving meal”.  It was a blast, and so good - and it was fun to see a part of both parents in this sweet young lady.  Her mom would laugh, and I’d think - “There’s our girl!” - and her dad would say something, and I’d think - “Hmmm...that’s where she gets that brain.”  It’s fun when you know someone and you are blessed to meet their parental units!  (It’s a good thing y’all don’t know my parents, you’d say, “Hmmm.  Was she hatched?”  It’s okay - just continue to ponder, my gentle twisted readers.)  And man, can Naya cook~she puts Emeril to shame!  She'll call and say, "I'm bringing salmon, and I'm going to cook, okay?"  
Anyway, all this activity just adds to the “it’s never boring around here” portion of our lives.
A couple of weeks ago, I thought out loud, “I’ve got to get those guitars to the shop before we go on vacation so maybe ThatManILove will take one with us.”
Yesterday, Tunde reminded me, and he grabbed them and took them to the shop for us. What a neat thing to do!  And he’s already got them back at the house, and we put one in TMIL’s arms last night.  
I would post videos of how last night turned into James Taylor/Jimmy Buffett-ville, but, no.
ThatManILove would kill me.

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