Monday, May 23, 2011

There's a Stranger In My House

On my husband’s one day off, leave it to me to take in a stray.

A stray, you say?  What, Janie, more engineering interns?
A stray chocolate lab.  With no collar or tags.  Well kept, so I figured he belonged in the neighborhood.  Who looked grown, but who knew he was still but a pup?  Full of piss (literally) and vinegar, stout as a mule, and wanting to mount anything that moves.  Zack the Wonderdog, who, by the way told me in no uncertain terms to “rid the house of this intruder”, and Zanna the Wonderdog.  Neither of whom care to be mounted.  So we’ve had a few dog spats this afternoon, one of which was (gasp!) over me.  Zack wants this pup nowhere near his “momma”.
My dogs are not happy.
Neither is ThatManILove.
And said chocolate lab is marking everything outside.  So far, nothing inside, but I’m watching him like a hawk.
And, you know, he’s smart.  Very smart.  But he has that puppy brain right now.  The one that does something, gets chastised, stops, sit downs, pouts, and then...does it again.  And again.  Which is funny, but also sort of frustrating - especially when he’s not your dog!
So, yeah, I’m wondering, “Why did I open that door?”  And I’m not even going to write what ThatManILove is thinking...
But...he went with me and let me:
    1. Go buy a crate
    2. Buy flea/tick treatment
    3. A collar
    4. A new food bowl
 All of this was somewhat preventative, in case we have to foster this dog for  couple of days before we find his owner, but still, it’s pretty giving of TMIL.
We found out this dog can escape our outdoor professionally built kennel (and our dogs didn’t follow his lead, yeah!) and that he’s never been crated.  But he’s a quick learner.  He’s in his crate tonight, went straight to sleep, and Monday morning, we’ll take him to the vet and see if he’s microchipped.  I've posted him on Facebook and CraigsList and HomeAgain.  Hopefully, his peeps will show up and take his little rambunctious wagging butt home.
It’s never boring around here!
Anybody need a chocolate lab?


  1. Sure, send him over, no probs :))

  2. Absolutely not, but I think you're an angel for taking him in!


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