Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music Helps Make Our World Go Round

Someday soon, we’ll be going on vacation.  We’re going fishing. In Alaska.
I’m so excited!
We’ll be staying in a cabin.  Just the two of us.  We haven’t gone anywhere by ourselves in a while.  We’re looking forward to it.
Tonight, though, I was working on my computer and glanced around the room.  My eyes landed on TMIL’s guitar.
And I had my first original thought in a while:  “Wonder if I might talk him into taking it with us?”
The man is amazing on guitar, and singing as well.  He even wrote me a song for our wedding, oh, yes, he did.  And we should have some time for music, I hope.  That guitar paved a lot of the road to our love.  Music is such a part of our lives.  I don’t want to lose that...
First, I’ll have to take it in to our guitar guru and get the strings changed.
I could do that tomorrow...yup, I think I will.


  1. Have a great time, that sounds like so much fun. I am jealous.

  2. You should just buy strings and change them yourself. My old roommate showed me how to do it and it was fairly easy. (I'm sure there's an online tutorial for it...there's an online tutorial for everything.) You'll save yourself some dough!

  3. I LOVE MUSIC! You guys will have so much fun!


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