Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Weekend? I Can't Find It...

Monday was a busy day.
I promised to do little Gavin’s 1st birthday photos, and we had so much fun.  Gavin’s parents and grandparents are so sweet, I love being around them.  And that always makes pictures so much easier!

And then, a friend from Houston came by to visit.   It’s always good to see ChristiLynn.

At the same time, our little friend Andi was working with ThatManILove at the kitchen table, doing land work.
And one of our engineering interns was hanging with us, well at least until 5 p.m., when he got his first call out to go to work in the oilfield.

Then our friend Jenaya came over, and she and ThatManILove grilled a London Broil and veggies.  And then the little sweetheart made homemade ice cream, oh yes, she did.
Me? I worked on pictures & laundry most of the day. And then, I cleaned up the kitchen.  (That's my job when others do the cooking, and I'm glad to do it!)
I need another three day weekend - one where I’m not busy 24/7.
Please?  Because the one I was just supposed to have?  Flat out disappeared. 


  1. I, too, need another weekend...

    There are just never days off available, are there?!


  2. Someone that cooks for you is a keeper! Don't worry, there is never enough time when you are young.

  3. Lawdy Mercy! keep that cook around! And that sweet little boy, well, he's just precious!

  4. Our weekend was busy also. We had a party Saturday, a party Sunday and Monday we finally got to relax...but we have a party again tonight and tomorrow night we are having a party! Lot's of birthdays!


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