Monday, May 9, 2011

Kiddos, Mudbaths, and Sweet Babies

I wrote this last night.   And then, somehow my computer updated, and it’s...gone.  Vamoose.  Andale.  History.  Quick.  But the upside is I had loaded all my photos to Phanfare, so that's good.  And the bigger upside - all my old files are back.  YAHOOOO!
My original post wasn’t that great anyway, really just gritching about how busy my Saturday was.  Busy, but fun.
First, I met a friend for breakfast/brunch. Nothing better than Mexican food for breakfast!  Yummmm.  Totally blows the diet, though.
As soon as I finished, I met more friends, and drank tea while they ate their salads and pizza.
And then, it was time for the birthday party for Cash, one of my 4 year old friends.  The invite said to come to the party at “the Treehouse and Dirt Pile.”  

Cash' space shuttle birthday cake.  Check out his shirt.  It's the truth!

And they weren’t kidding!  It is so much fun to watch munchkins...especially when they turn the “dirtpile” into the “mudbath.”  Here are some pix so you can join in the fun.
Not too bad...the boots might be history.

Yup, the boots are history.  Daddy thinks it's funny.

Just to show you how crazy it got!
Mudslide!  Big sister Brooke on bottom.

Brooke, still beautiful!

And when it was time to leave, I got a text from my sweet dog-walker, Casey, who’s just given birth to a beautiful little boy.  She wanted to snag a minute to take some pictures, so she met me at the house.  Zanna?  Loves little Rhyder...

Great timing...except for little Rhyder had one horrible tummyache.  We worked around it, but pretty much will have to reschedule.
I love babies.

Happy trails until we meet again!


  1. Playing in the mud is something I used to love as a child.

  2. Love the space shuttle birthday cake. My step-daughter does fancy cakes for her boys too! Very good at it too I might add. Looks like you have been having fun.


  3. I love babies too! Great pic! Hey, that birthday party looks like a lot of fun!!!!


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