Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Little Scene Stealer

Remember I had begged tried wanted been scheduled to keep little Kingston last weekend?
I did!! I got to keep the little tyke!  I was SO excited!
I had all these grandiose plans of taking millions of pictures within a three hour window and blowing his parents away with these cool, creative photos.  I got out the cowboy boots and the hat, and my favorite cowboy-themed decoupaged trunk.

And I tried, I really did.  He kept grabbing everything - which made for some really cute shots.
But me, plus a 6 month old, who has discovered he can hold a million things, including your props for his photo session?  Equals WORN OUT.

And did I tell you he is a droolbucket?  A teething wonder!

He let me dress him up for this shot.

And dress him down for this one.

He loved laying in the sun (under the tree, of course.)

And he didn’t mind Zanna the Wonderdog giving him a facial.

And then, that was it.  As quick as you could say, "Where's my dang bottle, Janie?" Kingston ran out of good will, and got fussy.

I?  Got the bottle.  Quickly.  Before he started screaming instead of just fussing.
It was naptime.  And the little thing, who supposedly sleeps 20-30 minutes at naptime, slept 2 hours.  Oh, yes, he did.
Isn’t he beautiful?

I figured out another thing.  When taking a little boy's pictures, especially one that is 6 months old and super active, it might be good to schedule an assistant.

I need a nap.  And it's been four days since.


  1. He not only stole it, it doesn't look like he's ever going to give it back!

  2. Precious and Priceless shots, I know the parents loved them too. Love the cowboy theme too.

  3. Great pics! I want to nap like that :)


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