Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hug Someone Today

Yesterday was a weird, weird day.
Our friends’ parents were found murdered in their nice, safe, neighborhood in Odessa yesterday.  
We went and spent some time with our friends tonight.
My heart breaks for them all.  And for the parents’ dog, who is blind, and was there for the entire murder.  The dog is elderly, and severely traumatized.
Please keep them all, even the little dog, in your prayers...the family will know.
And hug someone you love today.

Life is short.


  1. This breaks my heart. Hope your friends can deal with this loss... also that the pup will be okay. :-(


  2. Wow this is sad. Kinda makes me think my life is not so bad since I am only dealing with the death of a pet at the moment.

  3. My God, this is horrible. Please tell me they at least found the person/people who did it.

  4. Oh that is terrible! That is such a small town. Do they have a clue who did this? How are your friends? How is that sad little doggy? I am so sorry this happened, Janie.


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