Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh, Origins (the store)....Speak to Me Please...

How sweet.
Origins (you know, the “natural” makeup, etc. store?) invited me to “Put the YOU in youthful.  Enjoy some me-time with an age-erasing Mini Facial.  IT’S FREE.”
Well, Origins?  Just to let you know, I’d LOVE to “Put the YOU in youthful.”
But, as you know, NOTHING is FREE.
For me to even participate, see, I’d have to drive 326 miles.  To Fort Worth.  Which would cost some bucks.  And then, I’d have to snag a hotel.  More bucks.  And then, meals.  And a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte or two. 
And then, since your store is just freaking next to Banana Republic, Coldwater Creek, and Ann Taylor, well, that translates to MORE bucks.  Because none of those stores are here in Midland either.  
And nothing beats trying on clothes in the store. It saves shipping.  You know, that which is incurred because you have to order online, ship it por la casa, try it on, wrap it back up, send it back for an exchange or (GASP!) a refund?
So, you see, the “want-to” is there.  But it’s not worth it to me to drive for that free facial.
So, Origins, would you consider flying some of your peeps here to my house?  To gimme that free facial?
I will SO advertise it for you!


  1. We of Midland suffer much when it comes to shopping venues, yes?

  2. I have been using their Ginger Souffle for quite a few years and LOVE it!


  3. I think you're on to something there. They fly someone in, you host an Origins party, and then they reap the rewards of future online orders.

  4. I've decided I might drive a MILLION miles for a makeover and a "lift". If you know what I mean.



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