Friday, January 7, 2011

Dancing Boxes Will Get Me In Trouble Everytime

ThatManILove is a movie aficianado.  So much so, that while he was exiled on the mountain in Pennyslvania, I went to one movie - the Chihuahua movie - and I took the Little Brother, Geoffrey. I was bound and determined to save all my movie dates for ThatManILove.
One night, we decided to take Geoffrey to the movie, and go for the 7:10 p.m. showing.  We bought the tickets online early in the afternoon.  I decided to take a long bubbly soak in the jacuzzi tub and read a Dixie Cash novel.   ThatManILove comes in and gives me a time check, letting me know I have an hour.  I get out and get ready.  We leave the house at 6:45 p.m. 

Such is the setting for the next conversation.
TMIL: Jane.  Are you ready?  (Remember, he calls me “Jane” when he’s mad?)
Janie:  Yes.
TMIL:  It’s Saturday night and it’s going to be crowded.
Janie:  No, it’s not.
Geoffrey:  What’s wrong?
Janie:  TMIL’s aggravated at me because I took so long to get ready and we’re going to be at the theatre right when the movie starts.  (Aside to TMIL) The movie’s been out for a while, it won’t be crowded.  We’ll get there and get a seat just in time to watch 20 minutes of dancing boxes.
TMIL:  See, that’s your thinking.  I guess we’re going to be doomed to have this conflict every time we go to the dang show.  You always make us be late because you hate the dancing boxes.  I think you do it on purpose.
Geoffrey:  What are the dancing boxes?
TMIL:  That’s what Jane calls the previews and advertisements.
We get to the movie, fight the traffic to find a place to park.  People are standing outside, in a line that lasts  And the concessions?  Packed to the max.  There’s a recession going on, people?  What are you doing here?  What am I doing here?  

Oh, Lordy.  I am so going to be in trouble.  I start to cringe, inside.  That man loves his movie popcorn, and it looks like we might have to forgo such.  We go straight to the ticket taker, passing up two lines of people that are there for another show.  He waves us in, and we go into our theatre.
Said theatre is so freakin’ crowded that we can only find two seats together.  I mean, two seats in the whole theatre.  The advertisements haven’t even started!    Geoffrey jets us for a single seat down front, saying he likes to sit there.  He’s probably just running from our eternal conflict concerning the movies.  I’ve told y’all all along he’s a smart kiddo!

We sit down.  I glance to my left to check out how ThatManILove is breathing.  At the same time, he’s checking me out.  I tentatively smile.  He doesn’t.  And then, he does.  He is so jacking with me.
We laugh our butts off at the movie.  It’s really funny, but to make it better, the 5 year old little girl sitting to ThatManILove’s right is laughing so hard she’s crying.  And ThatManILove got tickled at her laughing, which made me laugh harder.
It’s never boring around here!


  1. So what movie did you see? I like seeing the previews. I don't like sitting too close to the screen, and if we get there too close to the start of the movie that sometimes happens.

  2. Love it, hahaha. Oh why do our men have to be right? Ever? LOL. Glad you can have fun together!


  3. The very first movie we took our son to see was the real live remake of 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close.

    He giggled so hard through the movie, the couple behind us laughed at him laughing. It was a memory forever etched in my mind. That was the best thing I ever saw was my sweet little boy enjoying something so much!

    Sounds like you guys had the same experience!


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