Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Meeting...or Was It?

My friend Sharla and I were driving to meet more friends to shop at the Dallas Trade Center.  Traffic abounded.

We’re in the lane to turn left into the parking lot for the shuttles, and I happened to look up at the vehicle in front of me.
The vehicle had some advertising across the back, and a wave of recognition slapped me in ‘da face.
I waited a second, hit a phone number and it came up on my bluetooth screen.  Dial. And then, over the loudspeakers came, “Most Excellent* Realty, Janie speaking.  How may I help you**?”
I said, “Hi!  Would you happen to be on Market Street?”
“Yes,” she said.
Now this Janie is a hoot.  We call each other “The Other Janie”.
We met, blogging.  I can’t remember how we met, but since then, we’ve each introduced each other to different bloggers, as is the wont of bloggerdom.  
Our backgrounds and lives are so similar, it’s weird.  I do remember we both used the signature “Happy Trails, Y’all”...and that’s probably the singular event that led us to each other.   We’ve had a lot of fun over the years, comparing events, etc.  If I ever move to the DFW area,  Janie’s a great realtor, and she’s promised to help us find “THE house” of our dreams.
(She really doesn’t know how twisted our dreams are, or she wouldn’t promise that.)
Have I mentioned that we’ve never really person?  That all this has been virtual communication, via mobile phone or email, blogland or facebook?
All true...until today.
I said, “Well, you’ll never guess where I am!”

The Other Janie said, “Where?”
I said, “Right behind you.  In the black Sequoia!”  Sharla is laughing.
We wave, and then we decided to pull out of the line - because maybe we weren’t in the right parking lot.  Immediately, we change our minds.  And The Other Janie rolls down her window, we meet, and she says “Pull back in front of us, this is the right place.”
Is that funny?  We did.
And in the mayhem of the parking, we didn’t get to meet until hours later.  I texted her, then she texted me a couple of hours later.  And when she did, it turned out we were on the very same row in the very same building.  And if you’ve ever been to Dallas Market, you’ve got to understand that was a miracle in itself!
It was an absolute joy to FINALLY meet you and yours, Janie!  I hope we’ll see more of each other in the time to come.
And when I told ThatManILove?  He cracked up.  He thought it was so cool!!!
It’s never boring around here!

*Business name was changed to protect the innocent.
**I can't remember exactly what she said, I was so excited! ;)
God surrounds us with the right people.  Keep your hearts open, loves.    You never know.


  1. So, there is two of you, and you just met each other. Now, which one of you I signed up to follow? Or, do I have to come to the Dallas Market and take my pick?

    This was a good one.

  2. It really is a small world! Glad you finally got to meet face to face!

  3. WOW. . . I know that Dallas Market! Your meeting was meant to be for sure!


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