Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going To The Movies With Janie

NOTE:  I'm trying to import my old posts into the new blog.  Bear with me.  I'll try to skip the most boring of boring.  Promise.

Today found me at our local theatre,  enjoying the movie “Up in the Air” with ThatManILove. Fun stuff, that!
Until....the urge came upon me.  Yes, that urge.  I had imbibed too much of my 1 liter Dasani water and had to crawl across my husband’s legs to make it to the ladies’ room.  We’re in Theatre 14, which means I have access to the least utilized bathroom - yahhh!
I go in.  It seems clean enough.  Onwards, I trudge, past stall 1, to stall 2.  (Wonder how many people do that?  I should probably go in stall 1, if it’s clean.)  I open the door, ready the place (which means I killed three trees lining the toilet seat with toilet paper, not that I even sit down on it) and do my business. I slide the latch with my elbow, and open the door with my foot.
All while counting.  Don’t ask me where that came from, I’m just trying to get out of there asap.  
I’m so ready to get out of there, I get to the main door and reach for the handle when I realize I’ve been so concentrating on getting out of there,  I’ve not yet washed my hands.  I turn, and run back to the sink, where for once in my life there is hot water and soap.  HALLELUJAH!  Can you sing Happy Birthday and still count?  I did it!
I wash my hands, and turn to the air dryers, still counting.  I turn on the air dryer with my elbow, and start drying my hands.
And then, I remember someone saying how more germs go through those air dryers than any other appliance. 
I start praying over the air dryers like I pray over my food...”Lord, please dry my hands to the nourishment of my body, and kill all those germs.”  Crap.  What number was I on?  Dang it!
Finally, my hands are dry enough.  I pull my hand into my hoodie, and open the bathroom door.  I feel like I’m a prisoner, been set free.
Lord help me.


  1. I'm surprised! I didn't take you for a germaphobe! You hunt, you shoot, you ride, you handle dogs, you go into the oil fields for your work, and you're afraid of a few little germs?

    And since you started it, I have a gripe, since I work in a restaurant with a public bathroom. Now I'm not saying this is you!!! This is for the women who squat over the toilet to pee (or hold their kids over the toilet so they can pee). They are so afraid of germs they won't sit on a toilet, but prefer to squat over it. But pee all over the seat and don't have the decency to clean up their own piss! They leave it for someone else (me, thank you very much) to clean up. Some day I'm going to catch someone doing that and say something to them. And they better hope I'm not their server. (just kidding about messing with their food, but it's fun to fantasize about it)

  2. Surprisingly complicated for a frun to the bathroom!

    I have never worried about germs, pretty surprising, now that I think of it, considering how many people I come into contact with in a day!


  3. Hmm. That's a "run", obviously...

  4. I'm not a germaphobe, usually, but for some reason our local movie theatre facilities gross me out.

    Probably because mostly kids run it - and they don't police the batthrooms.

    I make it my personal rule to always clean up after myself, Joannie - so if I'm ever in your restaurant - love ya, girlie!

  5. The dryers in our nearest theater (at the Red Rock Casino, almost all movie screens are in casinos here) are so wimpy it's better just to wave your hands in the air. With 2% humidity they dry pretty fast that way anyhow.

  6. We have 0 humidity - so, yeah, we're the same....


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