Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Surrounded By Snoozebuckets

This morning, my phone rang at 5:40 a.m..  What the heck?  Oh, yeah.  Me and my big mouth.  I had offered to take a friend to the airport at 6 a.m.
I went and started my truck, came back in while the truck warmed up, got dressed, and headed to pick her up.  I drove to the airport, dropped her off, and headed home.  When I arrived, the Wonderdogs were stirring, so I let them out and fed them.
Per our daily ritual, Zanna hopped on the bed and wanted under her comforter. I was laying at an angle across the bed, propped up with pillows, and had just opened up my Mac.   Zack came up to the right side of the bed, and tries to paw me.
I said, “If you want up here, c’mon.  No paw.”
He looked at me.
“What?,” I said.
He looked at me.  
I turned back to my computer, and felt him get up on the bed. 
The next thing I knew, he was up behind my head, laying on my pillows.  All 70 lbs. of him.
So, now, you can color me a German Shorthair sandwich.
It won’t last long, I promise.  I’m a menopausal woman.  And I can’t stick my foot out from under the covers in this position.
Just sayin’.


  1. Wait... you mean to tell me that you can get a reminder call, get up, get dressed, warm up the truck, drive to a friend's house, drive to the airport, drive home and post a blog entry only three minutes after the initial 5:40am reminder call? That's amazing!

  2. Foo - I wrote it on Sunday....preposted it. Now that's organization!! ;) I'm speshul like that....

  3. I have to keep my bedroom door closed so this doesn't happen with my cats. Besides, I really don't want to be in the middle of a cat fight!

  4. I hate getting up that early. If my phone rang that early it would meet its death up against the wall.

  5. Wait till he tries to jump up on your shoulder while you are driving like my little Blondie does, of course she's a chihuahua

  6. And. . . ya gotta be able to get your foot out from unda the covas baby!

  7. Joanie - I wouldn't wanna be in the middle of a cat fight, either!
    OFT - You need to switch over to the SWEET side of the oilfield - the Drilling side!
    JP - They lean on my shoulder while I'm driving. Makes. Me. Crazy.
    Sharon - That is THE TRUTH.


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