Friday, January 21, 2011


Yeah.  That's right, you read what my blog title said.  

I would post a picture of my current dilemma, but I cannot.

I'm pinned to the bed. And it's not what you think. Remember, ThatManILove is in the field.

Zanna the Wonderpup is crashed across one leg, all 35 spotted pounds of her. And Zack, the big 75 lb. lug, is snoring across my other leg. 

I say, "Kennel". Nothing.  I say it again, "KENNEL!"

They shift a hair or two, you know, like they are in full obedience, and keep on snoring.

Will someone please bring me a bottle of water and a blankie? The rest of me is freezing.

Who Trained These Wonderdogs, Anyway?


  1. This is why I keep my bedroom door closed. I only like sharing my bed with the 2 legged variety.

  2. They're my Wonderdogs! They think the bed is theirs...well, until ThatManILove gets home, anyway...

  3. And here I was hoping for a sexy story. lol

  4. OFT - ummmm, yeah. I mean, no. Oh, heck. No sexy story w/ dogs at mi casa! ;)

  5. My Daisy girl invades the king size bed we have. . . all 7 little pounds of her. You would think she owned the place. Well, at least she thinks she does.

    When it is actually bedtime, she is so sad when she has to go to her "room" which is our 10X10 walk in closet where she Loves to sleep.

  6. I woke up with a ball of fur on my head. And I'm not talking about a hat.

  7. Sharon - when you come to Odessa, can you bring that honking 10X10 closet? I need one of those! ;)

    Vodka - I bet that was prettier than a hat!


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