Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stock Show Pictures and Fun

Yesterday found me at the Midland County Livestock Show.  One of my little friends, Brooke, placed with her lamb.  It was her first year to show, so of course, we were very proud of her.

Brooke's getting Ethyl ready to show in this shot. 

 I don't know if Ethyl licked her, or what, but I love Brooke's expression!

Here’s her little brother, Cash, practicing for his turn with "Lucy"...his turn will come in some 5 years. He’s already got it faded.


Elder Son showed steers from age 9 to 18, so when I walked into our county barns, lots of memories came rolling back.  The smells.  The people.  The kids, all blinged out, ready to bring their animals into the sale ring.  The smiling, supportive families and community.  The buyers - they’re awesome, as well.  Here's Brooke with her buyer, Mr. Zachary.

Stock showing, through the local 4H and FFA programs,  is a good thing.  It teaches the kiddos responsibility, diligence, and integrity.  It is definitely a character building activity.
Hey, do y’all know what happens when a prize-winning lamb eats duct tape?  I don’t either.  But I guess we’ll see!

Please - if you have a chance - support your local youth through 4H, and FFA.  The entire country will be the better for it!


  1. I think Oilfield got it right. Same thing happened when my cat ate tinsel off the Christmas tree. Ugh.

    hey, did Ethyl have a sister named Methyl? :))

  2. Ethyl had a neighbor named....(wait for it!) LUCY.

    As in "Ju Got Some 'Splainin' To Do, Lucy!"

  3. Great activity! We love the County Fairs up and 4 H and animals..great combinations! You got some great photos! :)

  4. son is a 4th generation stock's a super activity!

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